The 10 pillars of wealth: Branding,Storytelling,Copywriting,Time Management,Persuasion,Self discipline,Networking,Self Confidence,Real Estate,Mindfulness.

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F--k to Do List and Focus on Outcome Inhaltsangabe

As humans, we feel naturally attuned to the organization within our lives, so we openly accept a daily routine in our day-to-day activities. However, when you are having difficulty managing your time in an orderly manner, the office can soon turn into organized chaos.

Poor time management is a matter that most people recognize to varying degrees but prefer not to confront. Lasting improvement comes not from adopting new tools or changing working methods but from understanding personality traits and their impact on how time is managed. Among other things, you will learn:

  • How to focus on the outcome, not activities
  • How to manage your time with purpose
  • How to automate your tasks
  • How to optimize your time productively
  • How to invest in personal development with the help of a time management workbook
  • And much more....

This handy audiobook is filled with several actionable tips, techniques, and established strategies to help you maximize your time, work, efforts, and potential. You can begin using these tips right away for leading a rewarding and productive life.

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