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Hard Drive Inhaltsangabe

Ever swipe left on a billionaire? A hot tech billionaire? Gigi did. Well, mentally, she did.

Damien Black: I meet him at this over-the-top party he throws. For himself. Please. He’s gorgeous and knows it. And so very good at being bad. Models, actresses, all his for the taking. 

He gives me a look. It won’t work, buddy. Not gonna fall for it. Nope, not one bit. So get your bulging biceps outta here. And stop smelling so good.

Gigi Stevens: She’s brainy and beautiful. And she has a tongue as sharp as an ice pick. Ouch. Who needs it?

I run a multibillion-dollar tech company. I’m the face of SXz, the king of music streaming. I’ve got to keep up my rep - superficial arm candy. That’s not her. That’s not her at all. 

Is she really worth all the eye darts? Her hourglass body is telling me yes. Hey, I’m always up for a little challenge. 

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    • A Billionaire Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (Tech Titans, Book 4)
    • Autor: Marcella Swann
    • Sprecher: Vanessa Vasquez
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