Tamer Animals

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It was just a camping trip.   

Down by the old Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge, four high school friends only wanted to kick back, smoke some weed, and forget about their problems for a day or two. Sure, there were stories that the area was haunted, but there was no way they were true.   

It was just a local legend.   

Decades earlier, an old goat farmer had been murdered by the Klan, hung from a tree near the bridge solely because of the color of his skin. His body was never found. Since then, numerous sightings of a strange creature - half-man and half-goat - had been reported in the surrounding woods. He was called the Goatman.   

It was just the worst night of their lives.

From the moment they arrived, strange noises echoed around them.... A sense they were being watched pervaded the campsite...and that was just the beginning. When one of them vanishes and a horned monstrosity pursues the others, it becomes clear that the legends are real...and the truth is so much more horrific than they could ever have imagined. 

©2018 Bloodshot Books (P)2018 Justin M. Woodward
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