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Super Sammy and the Terrible Trio Bullies Be-Gone Inhaltsangabe

Has your imagination ever transformed an ordinary afternoon into never-ending adventure?!

So goes the world of Sammy - an imaginative little boy who sees larger-than-life adventure at every turn!

The Super Sammy Series gives us a direct view into the mind of an ordinary little boy, with an extra-ordinary imagination, and amazing sense of heroism.

If your brave little hero likes Superheroes, Pixar movies, and Disney characters, you'll love the Super Sammy Series!

Sammy's not always the perfect little angel, but his courage against formidable foes will have you cheering out loud!

Your own brave little hero at home will love this "root for the underdog", "bye-bye Bullies" story. Teach your brave little one how to stand up to bullies, and speak up for friends.

After you get Super Sammy and the Terrible Trio, you'll be well on your way to easily discussing bullying, friendship, courage, and self-esteem with your little one.

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