Summer Days

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The Fishing Trip Inhaltsangabe

Are you ready for adventure? The first release of the new Summer Days series brings a thrilling ride in a short read! Anthony O'Brian seeks to emulate the popular Hardy Boys series with a modern twist. The Fishing Trip is narrated to perfection by actor/voice artist Matthew Whitfield. It's time now to join the unlikely best friends Josh Mundy and Vern Ernesto as they embark on their first ever fishing trip without adults. The joys of camping and a crackling fire make them sleepy and prepare them for a day of creek fishing high in the mountains... or does it? Can anything truly prepare them for what is about to happen? It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they will never be able to talk about and it goes beyond the trophy trout they are about to catch. Make your download today and get prepared for suspense, adventure, comedy, and fun!

©2014 Anthony O'Brian (P)2015 Anthony O'Brian
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