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The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles Inhaltsangabe

In this raw, untamed, gritty, bold, fantastic and slightly wonderfully crazy novel, author Gregory Hill spins another off-kilter yarn set in fictional Strattford County.

Johnny Riles leads a lonesome life on Colorado's high prairie in 1975. One cold October evening, Johnny finds a mysterious skull half-buried in the ground. When he ties it to his saddle to bring it home, his horse panics and bolts, leaving Johnny alone in a freak blizzard.

Unprepared for the freezing night, Johnny tracks his horse through the mounting snow, only to discover that it has been gruesomely killed. So begins Johnny's trials. 

He delves beneath stark Western landscapes, both literal and figurative, to unearth the truths behind his nightmares, searching for the mysterious killer, for his brother's soul, and for a sober reason to live.

©2015 Gregory Hill (P)2015 Gregory Hill
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