Stickspur's Magic Bees and the Three Greedy Farmers

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Stickspur's Magic Bees and The Three Greedy Farmers Inhaltsangabe

Stickspur the honey bee farmer was in for some wonderful surprises after he lost all his honey bees in a major rain drought. And even though the drought seemed that it may last several more years than he had ever anticipated. Stickspur still refused to sell his land to the rich and greedy crop farmers who desperately seek after it. "We will get that land Stickspur, that rich and fertile land." says the rich and greedy farmers.

Marvin Bowen is a creative writer. He has one son and this is his second children's book and series. Adventures of the Fluffytail Mouse was his first book in September 2011. Stickspur’s Magic Bees and The Three Greedy Farmers [vol 1. of 3]. He likes to create coloring versions of his books, so that children can have the chance to personalize as they read along and be creative.

©N/A Marvin Bowen (P)2013 Marvin Bowen
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