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Roadkill Inhaltsangabe

On a dirt road in Nevada, a woman lay dying.

In book one of Steel MC Montana Charter, Josh "Red" Luke, Montana Steel MC nomad, wants to go home. It doesn’t have anything to do with running from something as much as the need to find his place in the world. As a former army medic, he used his GI bill to become a skilled surgeon, which fills his necessity to help. Together with the training from the military to never leave a man behind, his soul feels almost whole. 

The woman struggles to find her own name and the reason for being brutally beaten and left for dead. However, the memories come in hard, harsh bursts and the struggles to figure who she was leaves her reeling and landing in the violent MC world where her natural instinct to run come out. One consecration the lack of memory fortified her was to discover a thing she never gave a chance in the past: love.

When those who caused the hurt find out that their target is alive, but under the fog of amnesia, they set out to finish the job. With her life in danger, the safest place is in Red’s arms. He can heal the woman’s body, but can Red convince her there’s room in her heart for him?

©2016, 2019 Michel Prince (P)2019 Michel Prince
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