Star Justice

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Eye of the Tiger Inhaltsangabe

Imprisoned and subjected to brutal genetic experiments, space marine Adam has been changed into a perfect predator. A super soldier who is part man, part tiger, and all killing machine.  

When his latest mission has an unexpected outcome, Adam finds himself free of his explosive control collar and honor-bound to protect a mysterious woman. Now he is on an alien planet, and they are both being hunted by the most powerful mega corporation in the solar system. Their only escape lays at the helm of an experimental starship hidden beyond countless layers of military security.  

All Adam has is his military training, sense of honor, and a beautiful woman who needs to drink blood to live.  

It is time to let the tiger out.  

Disclaimer: The Star Justice series contains graphic violence, cursing, and polyamorous/harem situations. The series is not suitable for children.

©2017 Michael-Scott Earle (P)2018 Michael-Scott Earle
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