Spared: Survivors of the Apocalypse

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Spared Inhaltsangabe

No power. No internet. No phones. No clue what has happened and worst of all, no people.

The few survivors are alone, stuck in a world where everything they have come to rely on is taken away in the blink of an eye.

Gary, the businessman, in a second chance relationship, trapped with no transport 150 miles from his new partner and desperate to find her.

Emily, her gap year ripped away from her when the power goes out while she sits at the airport alone. Scared and confused, but determined to find her way out and home to find her family.

Helen, a police officer, whose latest arrest disappears in front of her eyes in a cloud of dust. Should she stay and do her duty or go looking for others like herself?

Stephen, whose life has been wasted in a dead end job, reliant on his parents, needs to grow up fast if he is going to find his girlfriend on the other side of the country.

Join them and others as they journey to find their loved ones, themselves, and one another in a world that seems as it ever was, but will never be the same again and where dangers, both ancient and modern, rise to meet them.

©2016 Graham Toseland (P)2016 Graham Toseland
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