Soulstealer Trilogy

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Fae Hunter Inhaltsangabe

Valora Delos is a hunter, charged with tracking the treacherous Soulstealers and bringing them to justice. Unlike the other fae of her kind, Valora was born with stunted wings that render her flightless, driving her to prove herself in the eyes of King Aric - whom she has been infatuated with since she first set eyes on him as a young prince.

She descends to Earth and finds herself trapped in suburban Seattle after the portal to her world closes. With the help of a sexy half-fae named Dooley, Valora must find her way back in order to save Dell'Aria. Dooley uses his own brand of magic to help Valora discover memories buried deep within her, which only produces more questions than answers - questions about her growing attraction to Dooley and her devotion to her King.

Uncovering who the Soulstealers are and who is behind the destruction of Dell'Aria, brings Valora a truth she may not be ready to handle.

©2012 Nicolette Reed (P)2013 Nicolette Reed
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