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Wishing You Were Here Inhaltsangabe

Travel back in time to 1957 for a little drama, a few life-or-death moments, and a lot of rock 'n' roll romance in the young-adult time-travel romance Wishing You Were Here.

Ambitious music fanatic Callie Reinard is headed to college with plans to run her own radio station one day. Her younger sister thinks Callie's been focusing so much on grand plans for the future that she's not living in the present.

When an accidental wish sends Callie back to 1957 to save music sensation Joey Tempo from an untimely death, her sister's criticism proves true. Callie finds herself planless, floundering in a situation for which she's had no preparation. Hard as she tries to fit in, her modern way of thinking causes nothing but trouble for her and everyone around her, including that charismatic singer she saved from death. He may be her age, but he's five decades out of her league and already engaged to a stunning, sophisticated beauty queen--someone much more comfortable with life in 1957 than Callie will ever be.

So what's a girl to do? Follow her heart or follow her plans and dreams? Either way Callie's in for a change. Either she needs to change her dreams for the future or change her mind about what her heart wants because getting out of 1957 isn't as easy as getting in was. At least not without losing the one thing she never knew was missing: her soul mate.

©2012 Catherine Chant (P)2015 Catherine Chant
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