Smitey Heroes

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Smitey Heroes: The First Five Smitey Stories Inhaltsangabe

Join the Smitey Heroes as they embark on exciting (and ridiculous) adventures. 

In this first collection of Smitey Heroes stories, you will: 

  • Meet the four identical brothers who all became squires. 
  • Watch as the princess fights off all of her suitors.  
  • Go deep into the swamps to find the grossest dragon. 
  • Ascend the heights of Dragon Mountain to find the not-gross dragons (if they’re not on vacation, that is). 
  • And join the peasants as they defend the kingdom against trolls!  

This Smitey Heroes collection includes five stories: "The Four Squires", "A Suitor for the Princess", "The Grossest Dragon", "Dragon Mountain", and "Peasant Poison Pony".

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