Silverpines Series

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Wanted: Horse Breeder Inhaltsangabe

An earthquake shook more than the ground in Silverpines, Oregon.

A silver-mine cave-in and lumber-camp mudslide caused a shortage of young men in town. Women were saddled with running businesses and ranches alone. Laura Bennett, owner of White Oaks ranch, sends for a mail-order husband. 

Max Winters lost the love of his life, Catherine, to another man, so he decides to answer Laura's ad. Since his true love was gone, he'd settle for a good partnership and a new life. He travels to Silverpines and is met with a beautiful bride and her adorable daughter, but also many trials and setbacks. 

Will they overcome the tribulations and truly fall in love even after Catherine shows up as a widow?

©2018 Barbara Goss (P)2018 Barbara Goss
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