Shifters of Denver

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Nathan: Billionaire Bear Inhaltsangabe

When a matchmaker meets her match

Chloe Carpenter is a natural matchmaker. Smart, funny and talented, she has yet to find her own Mr. Right. That doesn't stop Chloe from playing mix and match with friends. 

When she sets up a weekend camping trip to match up coworkers, she ends up lost in the forest and face to face with a sexy-as-sin forest ranger who could easily become the stuff of her wildest fantasies. 

Nathan Varga, a bear shifter and CEO of a highly successful multibillion-dollar Fortune 500 company, always expected that he would one day meet his mate. He never expected that she'd be human. That complicates things. Not only does he have to convince her that he is the man for her, but he must also figure out a way to both explain his bear and reveal that he's not really a forest ranger. 

A paranormal werebear, bear shifter fantasy romance.

©2017 Lovestruck Romance (P)2018 Candace Ayers
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