Shadow Guild: Hades & Persephone

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Infernal Inhaltsangabe

A dark god rises, and a queen to meet him....

As librarian in the most gorgeous library in the world, I'm living my book nerd dreams. The hallowed halls are my haven, until the specter of a dark god begins to haunt my days and nights.

When he kidnaps me, my lethally beautiful enemy gains a name: Hades. That should make me Persephone, but I’m no goddess. So why does he want me?

I'll do whatever it takes to foil his deadly plans and escape, including seducing the brooding dark god.

Yet there’s more to him than I realized. More to us. Despite the cracks that I put in his armor, he still wants me for a darker purpose - something that would bring about the end of the world. It's up to me to stop him. And maybe, to save him.

©2020 Linsey Hall (P)2020 Linsey Hall
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