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Scent Inhaltsangabe

Beauty in a bottle. Earth's most captivating scent. Danger hidden in petals of pink. From the corporate boardroom to the New Guinea rainforest, the hunt is on to capture 'the very breath of beauty' and secure the success of struggling perfumers Cassie and Nick Dixon. When the fragrance 'Cassandra' is at last unveiled, the public goes wild, and the Dixons are crowned the queen and king of fashion aroma. Then the unthinkable happens. 'Cassandra' has a dark side. And it's about to wreak deadly havoc....havoc mirrored in the emptiness of Cassie's soul. As a war rages in her heart, Cassie desperately struggles to regain her spiritual footing. But will her desire for success cost her and Nick everything they have worked so hard to accomplish? The deadly qualities of beauty come to life and the stakes couldn't be higher in this riveting new thriller. Scent will overwhelm the senses.

©2006 Clint L. Kelly (P)2010 Zondervan
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