Seeking Justice

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Justice for Amber Inhaltsangabe

Her job as a computer programmer shouldn’t be dangerous, but when a killer has Amber Millner in his sights, there’s no escaping.

Amber won’t go into hiding just because some jerk wants her dead. However, she is willing to accept protection from super hot FBI agent, Cody Whittaker. The program she is working on will change the game against terrorists and word must be out on the streets because people are gunning for her.

Cody Whittaker moved to the San Antonio FBI field office to fight terrorism and organized crime. The last thing he expected to find was a red-haired siren who checked off all the boxes for the perfect woman. Now he just has to keep her alive.

Danger follows Amber, and Cody is fighting his desires, trying to be respectful while navigating the waters of a new FBI field office. Can he save her in time, or will the killer get to her first.

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