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Little Yellow Stickies Inhaltsangabe

Jocelyn McLaren is a beautiful, hardworking, yet naive visual artist who, through a twist of fate, ends up working for a major US defense contractor during the lead up to the Iraq war. She unknowingly witnesses and unwittingly participates in crimes that haunt her and are ultimately interlinked with the most nefarious psychopaths on the planet.

Divided into three books, this is the story of corporate shenanigans, an unstable home life, and a quixotic presidential campaign. These situations propel Jocelyn through a believably bizarre journey and into dangerous psychological territory. In a matrix of life-threatening situations, she is forced to question the very fabric of her GenX American upbringing.

Little Yellow Stickies is the first of the Security Through Absurdity series, which follows the misadventures and development of the main character, Jocelyn McLaren.

"More and more people are beginning to realize that things are going terribly wrong in our country. More and more people are beginning to understand that things are not as they are portrayed to be by politicians and the media. Future generations will owe Rachael McIntosh a debt of gratitude for pulling back the curtain to reveal how the world really works, and she does it in a most entertaining way! Once you start, you won’t be able to put the book down, and after you’ve finished, your perspective on the world will never be the same again." —The real-life person behind the Security Through Absurdity character Sam Balentine, who wishes to remain anonymous

©2014 Entropy Press (P)2016 Rachael L. McIntosh
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