Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood

9 Titel in dieser Serie
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Cougar Romance: Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood Series - The Complete Collection Set 1-6 Inhaltsangabe

Once two serial trilogies, Cougar Romance: Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood is now a complete collection.

This complete collection of Cougar Romance: Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood series includes:

  • Cougar Romance: The Talisman
  • Cougar Romance: The Prophecy
  • Cougar Romance: The Secret
  • Cougar Romance: The Traitor
  • Cougar Romance: The Transformation
  • Cougar Romance: The Rising

Everyone has secrets, but some can change your life forever....

Diana Grant does not fawn over celebrities. She has always been a quiet, serious type of person. A budding anthropologist, she is interested in facts - not romantic ideals. She finds it odd then that ever since she saw a picture of Catahasa Yazzie, the young billionaire CEO of a property company in New Mexico, she's felt herself inexplicably drawn to him.

She finds it even odder that when she accepts a temporary position at his company's headquarters, he seems equally drawn to her. What Diana doesn't know is that her new boss has a secret; a secret with roots that go back to an ancient civilization older, perhaps, than time itself.

When the fruits of this secret reveal themselves to Diana, will she be able to survive the encounter?

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