Secret Histories

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The Man with the Golden Torc Inhaltsangabe

Meet Shaman Bond, aka Eddie Drood, scion of the ancient Drood family. He is devoted to protecting humanity from the forces of darkness. Protected by the secret weapon received at birth by all members of the Drood family - a magical gold torc (i.e., a neck ring) that turns into a suit of nearly impervious golden armor - Eddie faces arcane dangers with healthy doses of wry self-confidence and sarcasm. Then the family matriarch sends him on a mission that turns out to be a deadly setup. Declared a rogue, Eddie teams up with short-tempered witch Molly Metcalf to find out why he's been betrayed.
©2007 by Simon R. Green (P)2008 Audible, Inc.
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    From Hell with Love Titelbild
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    For Heaven’s Eyes Only Titelbild
    • For Heaven’s Eyes Only

    • Secret Histories, Book 5
    • Autor: Simon R. Green
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    Live and Let Drood Titelbild
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    Casino Infernale Titelbild
    • Casino Infernale

    • A Secret Histories Novel, Book 7
    • Autor: Simon R. Green
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    Property of a Lady Faire Titelbild
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    From a Drood to a Kill Titelbild
    • From a Drood to a Kill

    • A Secret Histories Novel
    • Autor: Simon R. Green
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    Dr. DOA Titelbild
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    Moonbreaker Titelbild
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    Night Fall Titelbild
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