Second Hand Stops

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Second Hand Stops, Book I: Benefactor Inhaltsangabe

Julia Malone is abandoned at the door of an old English manor, but she's not alone for long. Five telepathic children soon arrive to form a paranormal family of makeshift misfits. Julia packs a humorous punch with her witty way of viewing an unpredictable world. In fact it becomes her survival mechanism when life goes topsy turvy in the craziest way imaginable.

When the children come of age, they drink an unknown substance supplied by a wealthy American benefactor from New York City. It slows the aging process, but side effects become a game changer. The mysterious and charming Claude Van Buren arrives at their annual autumn party and unveils himself as the man behind the madness.

Julia becomes Van Buren Industries' vice president of product development and cracks the code by finally stabilizing substance X, also known as the elixir. Claude Van Buren promises to revolutionize the world with a new line of skin care touted as the fountain of youth.

Nic and Julia are sent on a vacation and find themselves in the middle of the jungle, discovering scientific anomalies the world would never believe.

This coming-of-age series is one girl's journey into the puzzling realm of first loves, ethical dilemmas, and life that is stranger than fiction.

©2015 Katie St. Claire (P)2015 Katie St. Claire
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