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Scarecrow Reaping: The Original Screenplay Inhaltsangabe

It's the 1930s during the Depression. The Johnson family has lost all their crops on their farm. The soil is dry and dust blows in the wind. A windmill, a barn, and a farm house occupy the property but nothing else is seen for miles. What used to be a field of corn has now all but dried up and welted away. A stretch of dirt road leads to a two-way highway. 

Bill Johnson is a middle-aged farmer with a wife and four children. He has been working on the farm since a small boy and nothing else. All their fortunes are tied into the business however the past couple of years have proven difficult. Due to a drought, his corn has been dying till this current year there is nothing left to reap. 

After a murder-suicide, fast-forward to modern day. A group of college kids on a road trip discovers the abandoned farm to only discover its dark past and and must fight the Scarecrow for their lives.

©2019 Lee Jones (P)2019 Saturn Publishing
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