Sarah Midnight

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Dreams: The Sarah Midnight Trilogy, Book 1 Inhaltsangabe

Seventeen-year-old Sarah Midnight has never had a normal life. To the outside world she is a typical teenager, but Sarah holds an unimaginable secret: Her parents are demon hunters, part of a web of Secret Families sworn to protect the world. When they are mysteriously killed, Sarah's world is shattered but she knows she must take up their fight. Unprepared for the task ahead, she finds herself thrust into a dangerous world, full of things she never even knew existed. Including her long-lost cousin who, out of the blue, turns up on her doorstep. He claims to be there to help and protect her, but can she trust him? And can she stay alive long enough to complete her parents' quest when they have left her so defenceless?

©2012 Daniela Sacerdoti (P)2014 Audible, Inc.
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    • The Sarah Midnight Trilogy, Book 3
    • Autor: Daniela Sacerdoti
    • Sprecher: Lauren Saunders
    • Spieldauer: 11 Std. und 4 Min.
    • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.09.2014
    • Sprache: Englisch
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