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A Change of Plans Inhaltsangabe

It was a relaxing vacation - until the pirates. And the shipwreck. And the falling in love.

Lyn North just wants to move past the anniversary of her heartbreak. Swearing off any romance, she embarks on a South Pacific cruise. But the handsome surgeon in the cabin next door revives emotions she’s tried to forget.

Braedon Randolph desperately needs this vacation to escape his workaholic life. He finds himself captivated by the beautiful schoolteacher next door. Unaware of the sensitive waters he navigates, he moves to take their relationship beyond friendship and is surprised when Lyn ghosts him - hard to do on a small ship. Yet the haunted look in her eyes draws him closer and awakens a need in him to protect her.

Then they're thrown together on a snorkeling excursion where paradise turns to piracy. With the man she rejected, Lyn must fight for survival through storms, sharks, and shipwreck - while her heart whispers she may have been wrong.

This is an updated and expanded edition.

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  • Kings Crossed Lovers (Book 4)
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