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Burnout Inhaltsangabe

EVERYTHING CAN HEAL IN LOVE. The "SOS" meditation series

Bye bye burnout! Get back your self-determination and discover completely new possibilities that joyfully fill you and your life with enthusiasm once again.

1. "SOS" Meditation Burnout (60:00).

Acute life situations where we experience fear, pain, and suffering can uproot and paralyze us. Here we need help in order to find our way back, gain new hope, and recharge our batteries.

The idea of this series and the way it works starts precisely here in order to help and accompany us. The content of the albums is something like a healing journey; instead of taking us away from our situation and repressing it, it leads those who are in difficulty back to the love they have in themselves, bringing a completely new understanding and a sense of deep inner peace. In this way, our individual inner strength is reawakened and our forces of self-healing can be activated.

In short: with the healing accompaniment offered by these audiobooks, you'll directly experience how helplessness can be transformed into new energy and peace in your life.

The "SOS" series is intended for people in difficulty, their friends and family, and more generally, everyone who wants to understand life better, feel with more empathy, and free themselves from fears or old emotional prisons.

We recommend that you listen with headphones.
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