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Our Secret Wedding: Our Secret Christmas Inhaltsangabe

Friends-to-lovers, feel-good gay romance. Contains a whole lot of man-on-man love action, preparations for Christmas, and an elopement to Gretna Green.

Impulsive and romantic, Connor is set to take over the family business, Sky High Scaffolds, with his siblings. But he might be ruled out as a future CEO because, even though he's almost 30, he's still single. Connor makes a life-changing discovery about a member of his construction team.

Lee is gay, but no one at work knows. The macho scaffolding crew isn't known for gay-friendliness. At 29 years of age, sexy scaffolder Lee is looking for love and commitment. He is not about to hook up with any straight guy who is going through a gay experimental phase. Especially not his work colleague and boss. Lee fears rejection if and when Connor wakes up and realizes he is not bisexual and not into guys.

Connor fears losing the love of his life if he cannot prove he's serious about him and win Lee's heart.

Christmas is a really big deal in Britain. The parties and preparations begin in November, at the latest.

In the construction industry, it means two weeks off work for Connor and Lee. Yes, two weeks. They've only been dating since September. In secret. They just want to spend the holiday time together, like any other gay guys in love. Alone and mostly naked.

And we all know the true meaning of Christmas is explaining and justifying to friends and family how you are spending the holiday and who with.

©2016 H J Perry (P)2017 H J Pery
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