Ruritanian Rogues

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Ruritanian Rogues: Volumes 1-3 Inhaltsangabe

While an ugly war with its neighbouring realm continues to rage, the insulated members of Ruritania’s upper class laugh and dance their way through their superficial lives. Some people, increasingly disillusioned by the pointless conflict, start to consider how the king might be persuaded - or forced - to end it. Meanwhile, an increasing number of items of great value are going missing from those attending these high society gatherings. At whom will the finger of suspicion point? Who can be trusted? What is the reason behind the unexplained spate of deaths at the Zenda Hotel? Who are the mysterious figures who meet in secret in the nearby caves? And what is the real agenda of the sinister Lord Marek Richter? Discover the answers to these questions, and more, in Ruritanian Rogues.

©2017 Richard Storry (P)2018 Richard Storry
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