Rose and Thorn Series

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Blood Red Rose Inhaltsangabe

Come over to the dark side and meet dominant alpha male Thorn and his captive, Rose. From USA Today best-selling author Isabella Starling writing as Fawn Bailey.

Harlow Granger belongs to me.
She's finally legal and it's time for me to collect her.
I watch her from afar. Beautiful, graceful, with a bright future as a dancer. She's going to be performing in theaters across the world. She'll be a prima ballerina, a star. But not if I get there first. Not if I kidnap her before it happens.
Harlow was always meant to be mine. It's time for her to take her place.
She will become my new Rose, like the other women who have lived with me at the Mansion and served my every whim and desire. But this time will be different.
This time, I'm not letting go.
I'm going to keep this Rose...

Blood Red Rose is the first book of the Rose and Thorn trilogy. The story of Rose and Thorn continues in Pure White Rose, available now.

©2018 Fawn Bailey (P)2019 Insatiable Press
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