Rogue Rockstar Series

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Tangled Up In You Inhaltsangabe

Gavin is the perfect rockstar front man - moody, confident, and sexy as hell. But no matter how famous he becomes, he can't shake the heartache of his childhood. Only Sophie can take the edge off. 

Sophie falls for Gavin the moment she realizes his swagger is just a front to hide his wounded core. All she wants is to save him from himself. And once she gives him her heart, she never gets it back. 

She makes him feel...seen; he makes her feel needed. It's a desperate kind of love, but it's what works for them. 

Until it doesn't. 

When the tabloids get a hold of Gavin's family secret, the backlash threatens everything he holds dear...including his relationship with Sophie. It doesn't help matters that the band's gorgeous guitarist is ready to step in and be what Sophie needs. 

With their life together burning out, Gavin and Sophie must decide if their white-hot connection can be reignited....or if it will consume them. 

Irish narrator Lee Brophy does an amazing job bringing this story to life. Playing at Love, the second book in the series, is now available! 

©2016 Lara Ward Cosio (P)2018 Lara Ward Cosio
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