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A Lush Rhapsody Inhaltsangabe

The best-selling Lush Rock Star series continues with this cross-over to a new band, a new challenge, and a hot new love.

She's everything that's lush....

Tully O'Roark just scored the most coveted job in rock and roll: keyboardist and backup vocalist for the world-famous Lush. Now she has to earn the trust of Joss, Walsh, Mike, and Colin if she's going to have a place in the band that's also a family.

He's the rhapsody she can't resist....

Peterson "Blaze" Davis is the Type A lead guitarist for Rhapsody, and his long-standing feud with Lush's Mike Owens is about to heat up. As the two bands embark on a summer tour together, Blaze has his sights set on Lush's sexy new keyboardist, and he's not going to let a little bad blood come between them.

It's a battle of the bands....

When the NFL announces that Lush and Rhapsody are in competition for the coveted Super Bowl half-time concert slot, Blaze sees a chance to finally come out on top. He's ready to press every advantage he's got, including Tully.

And there can only be one winner....

As the attraction between Tully and Blaze roars to life, they must each make hard choices - their bands or each other? Can two lovers from rival bands find a way to have it all? Or will one of them choose wrong and lose their band and their heart?

©2016 Selena Laurence (P)2017 Audible, Inc.
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