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Disposition of Remains Inhaltsangabe

Stacia Altman has just received some terrible news. Life-altering news. In fact, life-ending news. She was just diagnosed with a terminal disease. Worse yet, she's not sure if her death will matter to anyone-including herself. Once an adventurous young girl with a passion for art history, Stacia has somehow evolved into a sarcastic and listless 38-year-old wife of an ultra-controlling husband - a process she didn't even realize was taking place until it was too late. Instead of lying down on the tracks and waiting for a train to run her over, Stacia decides to abandon the societal role she has played, in order to piece together whatever shreds of her life she can, before it's too late. While fighting her way through the stages of grieving, Stacia finds great friends, love, and most importantly, humor. As she travels the globe solving the mystery of her life and coming to terms with her inevitable death, she ultimately discovers that the end might just be the beginning of a greater adventure. Follow Stacia on her journey of spiritual awakening, physical pleasure, and discovery of self-a tale told from within her urn.

©2013 Laura T. Emery (P)2014 Laura T. Emery
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