Redemption Thriller Series Box Set

4 Titel in dieser Serie
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The Alex Troutt Thrillers Inhaltsangabe

Three FBI murder mysteries that crackle with suspense. One gutsy FBI agent who never wanted to become a modern-day heroine.

Grab a copy of the award-winning series that is drawing rave reviews from fans of David Baldacci, Lisa Gardner, Catherine Coulter, James Patterson, Gregg Olsen, Michael Connelly, Jefferey Deaver, Robert Dugoni, Chris Culver, and Ernie Lindsey.

At Bay (Book 1)
The murders are unspeakable.
The sin unforgivable.
Has the nightmare just begun for FBI Agent Alex Troutt?

Alex was living the American dream. Until her violent crash.

As Alex begins her daunting quest to uncover the black spots on her memory, a dead body is discovered in a murky Boston bay. What she finds doesn't make sense.

The ritualistic slayings begin to stack up—and Alex is forced to plunge deeper into the investigation. Is she unwittingly falling into a trap? Just as Alex uncovers the killer's twisted motive, she's gutted: Her FBI and family worlds collide. And the resulting explosion tears her in two.

Can Alex piece together the jagged fragments to save her family before it's too late?

At Large (Book 2)
Twisted vengeance. A kill list. And a bizarre riddle.

Recruited to investigate a string of grisly murders, FBI agent Alex Troutt is without words. The mutilations are unlike anything she's ever witnessed.

The slayings don't stop. There is no pattern. With the aid of a CIA agent, Alex tracks the assassin down the east coast. But every step forward proves to be a step too late, the kill list seemingly endless.

And then the killer turns it up a notch. It's a vendetta unlike any other, because a killer must make it personal.

Alex has no other option: To end the murders, she must confront the person who destroyed her life. And when she finally learns the killer’s end game, every second counts if she has any hope of stopping the brutal murders.

The hunt will end. Will Alex?

At Once (Book 3)
Is it a vow to honor those who perished…
Or the work of a ruthless vigilante?

Boston Strong of just a few years ago is now Boston on edge. And this time the targets are men of the cloth—priests. Could Alex's friend and colleague be behind these bombings?

Alex is torn between her loyalty of friendship and her FBI oath. But what price will she ultimately pay?

Bloody Sunday. The IRA. The movement toward peace.

Wounds of decades ago have reopened, bleeding all over Boston. As Alex pieces together the puzzle, she wonders how innocent her colleague really is.

How far will someone go to make a stand?

A stunning thriller series with intrigue and suspense that will keep you up all night.

©2016, 2017 John W. Mefford (P)2017 John W. Mefford
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