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Outbreak Inhaltsangabe

When the local vet is brought into the morgue with a knife embedded in his chest, it’s just another workday for criminal psychologist Dr. Stella Tupper. That is, until the suspect she’s interrogating unexpectedly drops dead and resurrects with a taste for blood.

Now, everyone in the sleepy little Virginia town is scrambling to find answers. When a full military company arrives and initiates a lockdown, Stella quickly realizes there’s much more to the story than a simple viral outbreak.

To make matters worse, her ex-fiancé Captain Gerald Tandy is in charge - the very man she’s spent the last year hiding from. 

It’s a head-on collision of old betrayals and secrets as Gerald and Stella learn to put aside their differences in order to survive. Because, if they don’t, neither one’s getting out alive.

If you love action, adventure, danger, and horror, all laced with a touch of romance, then Outbreak is your next must-listen! Get the audiobook now, and find out how two ex-lovers reunite to survive the unthinkable!

©2017 Ishabelle Torry (P)2019 Ishabelle Torry
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