Queen Of The Pack Series

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Denied Mate Inhaltsangabe

Rejection bites...

Cal and I were destined to be mates. Until he rejected me. Even though it’s been years, it still hurts like hell.

But now Cal’s returned, and he says I’m the only who can help him. He’s convinced someone in my pack was responsible for his father’s death, and they’re endangering his mother.

Unfortunately, my big brother isn’t pleased with our little reunion. He’s the pack’s new Alpha after our father died and he’s willing to throw me to the wolves to hold on to his throne. And he’s not the only one who is angry about Cal’s reappearance...

Now there’s a horde of vicious wolves after Cal, ready to attack, and I’m caught in the middle. It’s time I proved to everyone I’m more than a rich party girl, and I’ll do anything to find answers.

Except fall for Cal again. That’s the one thing I can't do. I’ll need to trust him to survive, but I’ll be damned if I risk rejection a second time.

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