Pure Love

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Pure Boys Inhaltsangabe

Abel and Jacob are safe, resting in a beautiful house on the hillside where they can look down at the city while they bask in their newfound freedom. But Abel is restless. He's being plagued by visions of the other parishioners he left behind in the Eucharist after their daring escape.

Both Jacob and Abel know they have to fight, but they soon find that the Batiste are not willing to give them the opportunity. They're not waging a war for the people. The Batiste are only concerned with material wealth. They are paraded around as the "Pure Boys", the ones who escaped the evil Eucharist.

The couple must learn to navigate a world of haute intrigue and fashion in order to save their people.

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Author note: This book can be listened to as a standalone novel, but to find out how Abel and Jacob left the Eucharist and found love, listen to book one, Pure Love.

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  • 2. Titel

    • Pure Love Series, Book 2
    • Autor: Alex Ryson
    • Sprecher: Alex Cordain
    • Spieldauer: 55 Min.
    • Erscheinungsdatum: 03.07.2017
    • Sprache: Englisch
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