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Studies have confirmed that molested children often become molesters themselves. Daddy's Girl, a horror novella based on a true "ripped from the headlines" story, serves as a prequel to Pretty Little Girl, a psychological thriller in which a female detective searches for a molested daughter who, in a concerted attempt to regain her identity, abandons her now-demented father.

Daddy's Girl offers a framework for the reader to understand incest and its disastrous effect on sexuality, intimacy and relationships. In the fictional case described above, we learn that the daughter's father in Pretty Little Girl inherited his sexual proclivity from his father, whose mother was impregnated in a demonic liaison.

The prequel tells of two previously-friendly deities; one worshiped, the other banished in a coup d'état. In an attempt to regain his throne, the defeated god creates a situation in which this future pedophile is created.

This may frighten the reader but it will also enlighten you as to what goes on behind closed doors in thousands of households; occurrences in this horrific R-rated story rarely talked about or acknowledged.

Laura, the pretty little girl, does not see herself as a victim or as a survivor, just as reimbursement for ransom that her father paid after she was kidnapped at age 13. But after 20 years Laura yearns for a life of her own.

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    • A Liz Robert's Mystery
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