Pond Punkies

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The Arrival: Pond Punkies, Book 1 Inhaltsangabe

Pond Punkies is great for boys and girls 7 to 10 who love space, aliens, and special powers!

Young Blaze uncovers a secret plot to destroy his home, the icy planet Neptune. No one believes him, not even the Elders at the Training Academy.

Enlisting the help of his friends, Blaze devises a plan of his own. Together, they hitch a ride on a geyser that blasts them toward the inner solar system to a planet much closer to the sun.

Faced with a battle of gravest consequence, Blaze must do more than stop a monstrous plot that now includes Earth. He must also learn to listen to the whispers....

Is Blaze the "Chosen One"?

©2011 Lisa Riebe (P)2012 Lisa Riebe
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