Poetry from the Heart

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All Is Redeemed in Truth and Light Inhaltsangabe

All is Redeemed in Truth and Light is a touching compilation of inspirational poetry and motivational prose, written to celebrate life. The appeal of this collection is the way the pieces come together to engage and uplift the listener. Captivating poetry will warm your soul and lift your spirits, while freeing your heart and mind from feelings of sorrow, hurt, and pain. Motivational essays offer a supportive way forward, through life's challenges.

Each piece flows seamlessly into the next, as you are taken on a five-chapter journey through the phases of life. You will hear the author tell a compassionate story of love, life, and loss. Your heart will be captivated, and you will be profoundly touched as you hear each loving sentiment. This peaceful journey will show you what lives deep within your heart when you search for answers to life's most intriguing questions. You will be deeply touched as you hear the affirming messages of love included in these poetic chapters.

This is volume one of a three-part collection entitled Poetry from the Heart. We invite you to enjoy this powerful journey through life in a poet's mind.

©2016 Cassandra Melita Webb (P)2018 Cassandra Melita Webb
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