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An Amish Midwife Collection Inhaltsangabe

From the Plain and Simple Community, a new series introducing Charity, a midwife with an Amish past. See her story unfold in this four-part audiobook all-in-one collection.

Charity hasn't thought about her Amish life for a long time.

However, when the senior midwife asks her to take on the role of midwife to the Amish community, Charity is forced to consider things she'd thought she'd forgotten.

Meeting the Amish women, Charity slowly sees the differences between what she experienced and how life is here. Striking up something of a friendship with one of the women there, Beth, Charity slowly becomes used to her new role.

Being in the Amish community floods Charity with memories of her old life. It also forces her to think about her current life with her boyfriend Eric.

Would she ever consider going back? Or is life in the English world too much to give up?

The four book collection includes:

  • An Amish Midwife
  • An Amish Midwife Comes Home
  • An Amish Midwife at Peace
  • An Amish Midwife Blessing

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