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Personal - The Complete Series Inhaltsangabe

Meet the six men of the Personal series. 

In Making it Personal, Blake Davis, in-the-closet CEO of Trinity Publishing, celebrates his 30th birthday by hiring an escort - only to have him turn up the next day to be interviewed as Blake’s PA. It’s about to get a lot hotter in Blake’s office.... 

Personal Changes is the story of Rick, who decides he’s had enough of being casual - he’s looking for love - and he finds it in the shape of Angelo. Unfortunately, Angelo’s traditional Italian family isn’t too happy to learn he’s gay. 

In More than Personal, it’s Will’s birthday and Blake has something special planned. However, their surrogate has news that might change all that. 

In Personal Secrets, Blake’s office manager, Ed, a brash, loud Cockney bear, finally finds the person who completes him. The only thing he hadn’t anticipated was that it would be a guy...

In Strictly Personal, Colin plans a special Valentine’s Day weekend in Manchester, only things don’t go according to plan. 

Personal Challenges sees all three couples facing up to difficult times. They’re going to need one another in the coming months. 

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