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Divine by Mistake Inhaltsangabe

It's the beginning of summer break, and high school English teacher Shannon Parker is ready to relax poolside with some red wine and a good book. She's friggin' earned it! But first - a little shopping, à la fancy estate auction. 

Surrounded by old folks and even older artifacts, Shannon never expects to find something that shocks her down to her very core: an ancient vase, complete with a beautiful painting of a goddess that looks just like her. And just as she's stealing away with her seriously suspicious purchase, she's magically thrown into the world of Partholon, where not only has she taken the place of Rhiannon, Goddess Incarnate and Epona's Chosen, but she's due to be married to a surly (but oh-so-handsome) High Shaman centaur, ClanFintan. 

But serving as Epona's Chosen isn't just luxury baths and buff horse-guys. A dark power grows in the wastelands to the north, and Rhiannon will need much more than just the favor of Epona to protect the land - and the man - she's grown to love.

©2001 P. C. Cast (P)2019 Blackstone Publishing
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    Divine Beginnings Titelbild
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    Divine by Mistake Titelbild
    • Divine by Mistake

    • Partholon, Book 1
    • Autor: P. C. Cast
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    Divine by Choice Titelbild
    • Divine by Choice

    • Partholon, Book 2
    • Autor: P. C. Cast
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    Divine by Blood Titelbild
    • Divine by Blood

    • Partholon, Book 5
    • Autor: P. C. Cast
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    Elphame's Choice Titelbild
    • Elphame's Choice

    • Partholon, Book 4
    • Autor: P. C. Cast
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    Brighid's Quest Titelbild
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