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Number of the Beast Inhaltsangabe

An epic supernatural thriller that not only bends space and time, but also genres.

When a cosmic war brews between the Zodiac races and their gods, the life of a young waitress from small-town Texas becomes the key to saving or destroying the multiverses. All hope may depend on a young warrior from a secret faction that has been fighting against cosmic evils since the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Set in the contemporary US, this epic supernatural thriller series crosses multiple genres, including fantasy, mystery, thriller, horror, erotica, and romance with seamless transitions. It features a sprawling ensemble cast of all ages, races, and even species. It is genuine fiction with all the genre trimmings thwarted.

Warnings: Listener discretion is advised! Mature content: adult language, graphic (sometimes twisted) sex, gore, and violence.

This is audiobook one of the Paladin Cycle series. These are not stand-alone works.

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