Overworld Underground Series

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Soul Seer Inhaltsangabe

What you see is a lie.

Emily Glass thought a move to Atlanta was just what she needed to jump-start a new life. But after her roommate and best friend is attacked by a man with superhuman strength, she discovers an underworld to Atlanta she never expected.

Recruited by a strange organization with an enigmatic agenda to help apprehend the attacker, she soon finds herself doing strange side jobs for them. To make things more complicated, the boss at her day job expresses romantic interest. Despite her misgivings, she finds him irresistible and senses that, like Atlanta, there may be a lot more to the man than what she sees on the surface.

Unfortunately, there are secret organizations that know his true nature and will stop at nothing to capture him and destroy everything they have.

©2015 John Corwin (P)2018 John Corwin
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