Outlaw Souls

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Ryder: An MC Romance Inhaltsangabe

It only took one look from him to take me down. 

I should have just gone back home and played it safe. But, I couldn’t walk away.

None of the Country Club boys I knew had ever made me feel this way. Those eyes…those lips…those hands…I wanted him like I’d never wanted anyone else. My parents would disapprove, but I didn’t care. I’d moved to the bad side of town to make a difference. But I didn’t expect that the one who was going to change would be me.

Ryder was a biker with a chip on his shoulder as big as his tattoo. And I had visions of saving the world. Would I be able to do it?

Or would he end up saving me instead?

©2020 Hope Stone (P)2020 Hope Stone
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