Once a Marine, Always a Marine

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In Zach's Arms Inhaltsangabe

Romance author Elizabeth Russell lives alone and works alone, and that's the way she likes it. No ties, no relationships, no complications. But when her apartment is broken into and it looks more personal than chance, she finds herself running to the only person who can protect her. Too bad he also has the most potential to crush her world.

Former marine turned securities expert Zach Steele doesn't do regret or second chances. So when a sexy heartbreak from his past shows up on his doorstep desperate for a safe place to crash, his first reaction is hell no. But with a stalker quickly closing in and the only woman he's ever loved looking up at him like he's still that guy, Zach offers up his protection.

Working together to bring her stalker down brings them closer than ever, and Zach realizes that it's not just Elizabeth's life that's in danger...but also his guarded heart.

©2014 Kori David (P)2016 Insatiable Press
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