North Carolina Highlands

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Southern Seducer Inhaltsangabe

I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff in my life. But sleeping with my best friend tops the list. 

Annabel and I have been close since college. When I left school to play pro football, she was there. While I collected Super Bowl rings and cars worth more than the house I grew up in — she was there. 

I always assumed we’d end up together. Everyone did. 

But by the time I retired from football, Bel was married. I thought I’d missed my shot at love. 

So I buried myself in my new job as CEO of Blue Mountain Farm, a five-star resort my family and I built in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. It seems like a good place to be alone with the secret I have to keep from her. 

Now Bel is a divorced single mom, struggling to raise her daughter on her own — and it’s my turn to be there for her. 

So I invite her and the baby up to the resort for some much needed R&R. 

Then, in a moment of bonfire-and-bourbon induced weakness, I kiss her. 

And the fallout could ruin everything.  

Southern Seducer is a full length, standalone small town novel. It is the first book in the all new North Carolina Highland series.

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