Nanny Notes on Toddlers

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Nanny Notes on Toddlers: 4 Book Set Inhaltsangabe

This book is a compilation of the four book series Nanny Notes on Toddlers.

It includes the following books:

  • Blueprint for Toilet Training
  • Blueprint for Getting Your Toddler to Eat
  • Blueprint for Getting Your Toddler to Sleep
  • Blueprint for Raising Confident Children

In this bundle of Nanny P Blueprints you'll discover a set of strategies for helping you parent your toddler in ways that will have your child feeling happy and confident as he or she tackles these important milestones and issues. Nanny P Blueprints are written with the busy parent in mind. Each blueprint is designed to tackle a specific issue in a short and concise way so that you do not need to spend time reading through a lot of other material to find tips and methods for the specific topic you are looking to address.

If you're looking for fun and helpful ways to parent your toddler, then Nanny Notes on Toddlers is for you!

©2013 Nanny P (P)2014 Nanny P
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