Mitchell and Markby Village

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Say It With Poison Inhaltsangabe

When Meredith Mitchell agreed to stay with her actress cousin, Eve, in the run up to Eve's daughter's wedding, she anticipated a degree of drama. But she can hardly have expected it to include murder, blackmail, and unrequited love. Or to involve a certain Chief Inspector Markby, a middle-aged divorcee.

As material witness to the only case of murder the Cotswold village of Westerfield has ever seen, Meredith soon becomes involved in the case and with helping Chief Inspector Markby. Meredith is a career diplomat and soon needs her considerable skills when steering a path between her duty to the police and loyalty to her cousin's family.

©1991 Ann Granger
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    A Season for Murder Titelbild
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    Where Old Bones Lie Titelbild
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    Flowers for His Funeral Titelbild
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    A Touch of Mortality Titelbild
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    A Word After Dying Titelbild
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    A Restless Evil Titelbild
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    That Way Murder Lies Titelbild
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