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Metamorphs: Return of the Legion Inhaltsangabe

Danger lurks within The Academy...

Their newest student is the key...

It's a prestigious school for superhumans. He's from a legendary family. There's only one problem...

He has no powers.

Tristan will need to forge an uneasy alliance between his superpowered teammates if he hopes to survive.

Can Tristan rally his teammates behind him, unlock his abilities, and discover what it means to be truly special before it's too late?

Metamorphs: Return of the Legion is the first book in the thrilling four-part series. You'll love this epic superhero fantasy, because everyone loves adventure, intrigue, and underdogs.

Get it now and discover the breathtaking world of the Academy today.

©2019 Yuri Jean-Baptiste (P)2019 Yuri Jean-Baptise
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